Gary L. Richardson

Vice President of Finance

Gary L. RichardsonGary and his team of Finance Directors are responsible for partnering with the operations team to monitor and improve financial results.  The finance team provides financial modeling and decision support.  The team is responsible for all financial activities in the field.  

Gary has 20 years of experience in the transit industry.  His first experience was as an operational controller for five years with Laidlaw Transit.  Next, Gary served as MV’s CFO through a period of tremendous growth from a small entrepreneurial company to an established industry leader, with revenue growing from $27.0 million to $550.0 million.  Later, he joined Medical Transportation Management (a non-emergency medical transportation broker) as CFO and successfully assisted in restoring profitability and growing the company.  During that time, he co-founded Ride Right as a successful paratransit company.  

Prior to entering the transit industry, Gary passed the CPA exam in one sitting and went to work for Deloitte & Touche for seven years.  He managed audit engagements of four SEC clients, 17 privately owned clients and four public sector clients. Client industries included manufacturing, banking, retail, oil & gas, and hi-tech.  He also assisted clients in meeting Securities and Exchange reporting requirements, in the preparation of registration statements for the issuance of common stock, and in responding to SEC comment letters.

Gary earned a B.S. with honors in Economics with an emphasis in Accounting, at the University of California, Santa Barbara