John Siragusa

Chief of Staff

John SiragusaMV’s chief of staff to the COO, John holds executive- level authority for all of MV’s operations and serves as a direct liaison to MV’s executive team.  He works closely with MV’s clients to ensure that MV is living up to the expectations of its clients, passengers, and employees.

John has overseen more than 75 contract startups in his career.  The most significant was MV’s first international project in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He led a team in combining service operated by seven separate companies into one – with more than 450 employees and 350 vehicles.

His background demonstrates the breadth of experience he brings to MV’s clients, and the complete understanding of the services they provide.  Further adding to John’s understanding of customer needs is his experience as the transportation manager for the City of Petaluma—a position he held from 2006 through 2008—he was integral to maximizing both local and federal funding opportunities and contributed greatly to short-range transit planning.