Alex Lodde

Founder/Owner, Board Member

Alex Lodde is a co-founder of MV Transportation, Inc. and remains an owner of the company, as well as a board member. Alex previously served as CEO, from the company’s founding in 1975 through 2000, and again from 2008 until 2010.

Alex’s focus on growth and execution of the company’s mission has remained steadfast. Under his guidance and astute business acumen, MV transformed from a family-owned mom and pop business to an aggressive competitor in an ever-changing transportation industry. He has consistently challenged MV’s executive leadership team to surpass its growth goals while providing excellent service to clients and passengers alike.

An entrepreneur at heart and an architect in spirit, Alex’s vision of building a company that can compete on every level, while still offering our clients a cost-effective solution to their transportation needs, has manifested in the team MV proudly offers as its corporate leadership. Further, his chairmanship role on the company’s board of directors assures corporate governance that is consistent with not only this vision, but the changing dynamics of public transportation and its operating environment. Throughout MV’s existence, it has not been uncommon to find Alex in one of the company’s many divisions greeting drivers during their 4 a.m. pullouts, dispatching routes dressed in a driver’s uniform, motivating employees to achieve their performance goals or meeting with riders to assure them MV is always ready to serve their transportation needs.